CYBERPRO Israel – The leading cyber academy in Israel, was established to address the existing and constant gap between technology advances and the need for cyber training in general. Specifically, the need for advanced cyber training for professionals.

CYBERPRO Israel is a collaboration between the “IITC Group” – one of the leading technology academies in the Israeli training market in the last 20 years, and “CYBERPRO INTERNATIONAL”-a global organization that establishes and operates cyber academies worldwide.

CYBERPRO Israel was established with the aim of being the arrowhead of the Israeli cyber excellence and information security, providing advanced training services to infrastructure, information security and cyber professionals and bringing the highest level of international tools and knowledge to Israel.

Our training programs, courses and workshops put significant emphasize on delivering practical tools and knowledge. By introducing a wide range of labs that incorporate advanced knowledge and technologies, such as using CYWARIA, our advanced cyber simulator, trainees practice dealing and solving with real-world situations and challenges.

In a world where cyber threats constantly evolve, security gaps are exploited by various factors. Our experience proves that the absolute reliance on technology in this war will only increase security gaps and their associate damage.

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Technology alone is not enough to protect against attacks! We set ourselves a goal to assist organizations in developing their human capital. We do so by training our graduates to develop an “out-of-the-box” thinking skills and providing them with unparalleled practical experience based on our innovation capability and real-time updates from the “battlefront”.

Thanks to the collaboration with CYBERPRO INTERNATIONAL, CYBERPRO’s students not only benefit from a wide range of labs, models and technologies used by cyber academies around the world, but also from exposure to international projects and maybe even the opportunity to take part in some of them.

Our experts cope with cyber-attacks on a daily basis, witnessing firsthand the damage and consequences of these attacks. It is our greatest incentive to fulfill our mission of protecting our clients and imparting this knowledge to our graduates. As part of this approach, we see ourselves as a home for cyber people in Israel, from assisting individuals with their first steps in the cyber security domain via advanced courses and workshops for professional, focused on maintaining and improving the skills, knowledge competence of cyber teams and information security.

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